Lambie Says Tax The Banks

Palmer United Party Senator Jacqui Lambie has called for higher taxes on the big four banks.

Speaking on ABC’s 7.30 Report last night, the Tasmanian Senator said the Government was “hitting welfare like there is no tomorrow”.

“That’s not making for a smart economic future for our nation,” Lambie said.

She said Government revenue needed to increase if the Palmer United Party was going to prevent the Medicare co-payment, cuts to welfare, university deregulation, debt levy and cuts to pensions from passing through Parliament.

Lambie proposed to put extra taxes on the banks to increase government revenue but to make sure the taxes were not “passed down to the consumer”.

“The big banks that are making all these profits will be paying more into the country,” she said.

Lambie said the four big banks were making $30 billion profit every year.

“If Joe Hockey was to take on some of Clive Palmer’s initiatives when it comes to building the economy we may be a lot better off,” she said.

The Palmer United Party announced opposition to university deregulation and support for free tertiary education for students last week.

Lambie proposed higher taxes on the banks to create revenue to allow the Government to provide free higher education for students.

“It’s about having a better educated nation,” Lambie said.

In a media release last week Education Minister Christopher Pyne said deregulation would increase the number of scholarships to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“The Abbot Government’s plan will strengthen the higher education system,” Mr Pyne said.

But Lambie supported the Palmer United Party call for free tertiary education, saying “innovative ideas make for a better economy”.

Lambie said Tony Abbot and Joe Hockey were behaving like “a pair of deceitful, lying politicians” when discussing the Federal Budget.

“They’ve lied to the public and they’ve lied to the nation,” she said.

The recent Government budget will increase the pension age to 70 by July 1, 2035.

It includes a temporary tax payment from people who earn more than $180,000.

Lambie said the Government is “hitting panic buttons”.

Treasurer Joe Hockey has said this Levy is expected to raise $3.1 billion and is designed to ensure “higher income Australians contribute to the Budget repair”.

“They’re running around like chooks with their heads cut off and I do not think that brings in a good budget,” Lambie said.

But Mr Hockey said the budget created “a path back to surplus”.

In a media release, Party leader Clive Palmer said the debt crisis was “just more bullshit being fed to the Australian public for the Abbott government’s consumption”.


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