Jensen Champion of Print

Interacting with the audience is the next step for The Saturday Paper, according to editor Erik Jensen.

Jensen said in a lecture at RMIT University today a “larger scoop of idea sharing” by engaging readers with writers is a goal of the paper.

“I believe the old models of journalism have been discarded before they had been properly broken,” Jensen said.

He said print newspaper was not dead.

Established in February 2014 The Saturday Paper hoped to “jam the gears” on the news cycle that had become “so fast”.

“I thought an audience still existed that was concerned with a slower more long form of journalism than the fast news cycle,” Jensen said

But he said social media allows the audience to decide what news is important.

“Although formats have changed, people’s fundamental desires haven’t,” Jensen said.

He said he saw the future of newspapers as producing a “niche” rather than covering all audiences.

“Doing specific things and doing them better than everyone else is what we will see news organisations turning to,” Jensen said.

Jensen said readers of The Saturday Paper are looking for an “analysis” of news after being “bombarded by headlines” online all week.

He said print was the best place to read long form journalism.

Jensen began working as a journalist at 15 and became a reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald at 16.

He was a finalist for the Walkley Young Journalist of the Year Award in 2012.


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