Acts of Compassion

Christian faith and a compassionate nature drive David Spitteler’s 18 year commitment to the Asylum Seeker Centre. Time consuming record keeping, organisation of donations, the gathering of supplies and the support of hard working volunteers are required to support the 360 asylum seekers and refugees on “No Work Bridging Visas” currently registered at the centre. David and 20 volunteers provide food, clothing, blankets and toys to about 60 visitors a day.

Jesus House allows David to run the Asylum Seeker Centre in the building of the church three days a week.

Once registered, David commits to helping asylum seekers for a period of nine months. Registered families can visit the centre once a week to collect food donations and single men can collect food once a fortnight.

A free ‘op shop’ is part of the centre. All asylum seekers, even if unregistered, are allowed to take goods from the ‘op shop’.

David said he had only ever missed three days of work in his time running the centre. “I stand all day and don’t stop for lunch,” he said.


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