Bridge Horror: it was her first day at school

Week Ten Tutorial Exercise.

This article is based on the Sydney Morning Herald’s 2009 article with the same title. The original piece can be found here:

The piece has been re-written in an attempt to meet legal and ethical requirements. 

A doctor has told the Melbourne Magistrates Court he is concerned a 35 year-old Hawthorn man who dropped his daughter over the West Gate Bridge is suicidal.

He said he had found the accused unfit to be interviewed yesterday afternoon.

Magistrate Lance Martin said he would ensure staff at the Melbourne Custody Centre were advised of his condition and remanded him in custody to reappear on May 21.

The man has been charged with the murder of the four year-old.

Witnesses told police the man parked his car in the left hand lane, carried his daughter to the edge of the bridge and dropped her over the railing.

The girl died after being flown to the Royal Children’s Hospital in a critical condition.

Homicide squad Detective Inspector Steve Clark said the incident was distressing for the victim’s family members, witnesses, police and the emergency workers involved.

For help or information visit, call Suicide Helpline Victoria on 1300 651 251, or Lifeline on 131 114.


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