Secret Talks May Lead to Change in Government

Week Seven Tutorial Exercise. 

This response is based on a fictional scenario. A reflection on this response is available here:

Day one of the Goolding Inquiry has revealed secret talks between Independent Coalition Government member Fergus Williams and newly appointed Opposition Leader Dan Millar have taken place.

Mr Millar’s Media Advisor Malcolm Tucker first raised allegations of meetings between Mr Millar and Mr Williams during the inquiry today.

Mr Williams confirmed talks between him and Mr Millar had taken place, but refused to reveal the subject of the discussions.

The Opposition would hold majority in the House of Representatives and be able to form government should Mr Williams abandon the current Coalition agreement.

Mr Millar deposed Ms Murray as Opposition Leader after an email was leaked detailing her husband’s involvement with a company in contract with the government.

The Goolding Inquiry was set up to investigate the Government’s involvement in the suicide of National Health Services campaigner Douglas Tickell and the leaking of confidential information.

The inquiry continues.


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